Technology and Action



Solutions to take advantage of future opportunities

As our customers include some of the leading technology suppliers and product developers, we at TITAN ENGINEERING CONSULTANCY  also want to be at the leading edge of technological development. We are therefore always investing in our growing technology action. At TITAN ENGINEERING CONSULTANCY, technology means utilising excellent expertise and utilising the results of technology and science.

For TITAN ENGINEERING CONSULTANCY, technology action means the development of design and services, as well as the creation, maintenance and securing of their prerequisites. Through our technology action, we provide the rest of our organisation and our customers with information on the latest solutions and trends. Our expertise and its continuous development assist our customers in reaching their goals.

We have selected the priority areas of technology development we believe in, whose development we follow and in which we invest in our operations:

We utilise software robotics in design and service development. We believe that future design is based on more efficient use of artificial intelligence.

In our view, society will be based on robotisation. One of our concrete targets is electric vehicles. In the near future, we will see autonomous electric vehicles in urban traffic.

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